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Remove blockages, limescale & tree roots in seconds.

Using a drain Auger?

A flexible shaft is safer to operate than an exposed drain auger cable because the flexible shaft is housed in a chemical and heat resistant sleeve. You could even use your drain inspection camera while you are cleaning your pipe, so that you have a better view of what you are doing. The flexible shaft also puts less strain on the inside of the pipe you are cleaning which reduces the risk of damaging the pipework. The drain cleaning chains clean the entire inner diameter of your pipe, so you have peace of mind knowing that you have done a good job.

Do you use a jetting machine?

In the same amount of time it would take to set up your jetting machine, you could have removed solid obstructions, roots, lime scale, urine scale, tuberculation, struvite, and even ice from your pipes. Our tools are so compact that they can be carried in an elevator, so you can reach places that were impossible to reach before. Use less than 3% of the water you would need to get the same result.

Almost no maintenance – No hazardous fumes – No noise – No need for traffic control.

Shipping Policy

On average, the packages arrive in the destination country within 2 days, and then the package passes through customs for clearance.

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Tool Tips

For useful tips and information on how to use our tools we have a full range of videos and articles for you to browse.

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