Pipe rehabilitation equipment for patch lining, CIPP, and pipe coating systems.

The pipe relining industry has developed over the past few years from a specialist trade to a more widespread service. Clients now assume that a drain cleaning specialist will have the capacity to rehabilitate sewer and drain pipes.

It is an interesting observation that pipe rehabilitation businesses prefer to stay focused on competing for larger diameter pipes, or longer lengths at a time, which leaves a massive gap in the market for patch repairs. If you have ever asked for a quotation from a business that focuses exclusively on pipe relining, you will notice that the cost per meter seems quite high for a patch job of only one meter. The reason for this, is that their equipment and team is costed in a way that favors longer lengths of liner per day.

The disadvantage of focusing on larger diameters and longer lengths of pipe rehabilitation is that there are more competitors who have spent vast amounts of their resources on expensive equipment. They all need to recover that cost, and yet they all need to be price competitive. The margins therefore become limited, and a small mistake could wipe out the profit instantly.

The biggest disadvantage is that it takes a whole team to perform a large pipe relining project, and if anyone in that team is not present, it will make the job a nightmare. Even if all the employees are present, it is a statistical fact that human error accounts for 90% of the losses.

Small patch jobs are profitable

Not only are small patch repair jobs more profitable, they also have less risk associated with them. You don’t need to keep an entire team employed to carry out a quick patch repair. You probably already have a relationship with your client so you wont need to adhere to all the requirements necessary to qualify for an annoying tender process, or an engineer’s specifications.

If your equipment is relatively cheap, then you do not need to do multiple jobs before the equipment has paid for itself.

How did we come to this conclusion?

  • A study into profits and losses spanning from more than 15 years experience in the pipe relining industry shows clearly that the average patch repair job is more profitable than the average large contract.
  • We are focused on providing value added products to our existing client base with a range of small diameter pipe relining equipment (50mm (2″) to 200mm (8″)
  • We are mainly focused on the transition packers needed to complete patch repairs or for the repair to junctions of various diameters. Whilst we have a range of brushes for pipe coating systems, we stay true to our core focus on serving sewer cleaning tradesmen.

Our pipe relining product range is still new on the website, so our offers are limited right now, but if you are a regular client you will already know that we focus on listening carefully to your feedback so that we can produce equipment to meet your needs.