Croco Chain (Cast Iron & Clay Pipes)

The Croco Chain is perfect for cleaning cast iron and clay pipes. It is used for removing blockages, and for urine scale build-up removal in pipes.

Croco Chain


The Croco Chain is a tool developed for aggressive cleaning of cast iron or vitrified clay pipes. More experienced users have reported that they use this chain in UG PVC pipes.

This chain has hard metal teeth fused to the cutting edge which shred through tough obstacles in a similar way to the X-tip, but the Croco chain is slightly less aggressive than the X-tip. The teeth of the Croco chain have a cross pattern which is perfect for preparation of pipe work for the lining process, or removing tuberculation and scale.

Whilst the Croco chain will remove scale and tuberculation, it is important to consider that this chain will not descale at the same speed as the circular chain which is intended specifically for descaling.

The tool uses centrifugal force to center itself within the pipe so you can be assured that the entire inner surface of the pipe wall is clean.

It is adjustable and has been manufactured from stainless steel links to prevent oxidation. Each chain consists of 3 individual chains.

Perfect for rust removal, calcium build-up and tree root removal in sewer pipes and simultaneously suitable for grinding obstacles in cast iron, concrete, copper, vitrified clay and steel pipes.

The chain mounts to an 8mm (5/16″),10mm (3/8″) and 12mm (1/2″) flexible shaft with hex screws.

Sizes range from Ø75mm (3″) to Ø250mm (9,8″).

This chain would be perfect to use with Picote Maxi Miller, Super Midi, Midi Cleaner and Ridgid K9-306 FlexShaft® Machine because they use 10mm and 12mm shafts.

Please note that we do not claim to be producing original parts for any of the brands mentioned above.

Points to note:

These products are intended to be used by trained professionals in the sewer cleaning trade. They do not come with instructions. If you would like training please make contact with us, and we will guide you.

Product pictures may vary in color and design depending on the size and diameter that you order.

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