Crown Drill Head (No Chains)

The crown drill head is made for removing blockages in metal pipes such as cast iron and vitrified clay pipes. Not suitable for PVC pipework.

Crown Drill Head


The crown drill head is designed for drilling into solid obstructions. You can find videos on social media in which our clients have used this drill head to break solid concrete in a 4″ pipe. Combine with the circular chain to make a powerful tool that offers forward abrasion in conjunction with the carbide teeth on the rim. The opening tip diameter is 25mm ( 1″), and the total length is 45mm (1.77″) from front to rear.

Failed liner and root intrusion are no match for this fitting.

We do not recommend this drill head for PVC pipes, unless you use it with a plain circular chain because the hard metal bits which are fused to the head could damage PVC. We have another less aggressive drill head called the “Croco drill head” that is less aggressive and can be skillfully used to remove blockages in both PVC and cast iron pipes.

Available for flexible shaft sizes 8mm (5/16″), 10mm (3/8″) & 12mm (1/2″).

Mounts to the shaft with three set screws.

Points to note:

These products are intended to be used by trained professionals in the sewer cleaning trade. They do not come with instructions. If you would like training please make contact with us, and we will guide you.

Product pictures may vary in color and design depending on the size and diameter that you order.

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