How To Assemble Your Flexible Shaft Holder

Flexible Shaft Carrier
Today we are addressing one of the most common questions that we at Plumber Tools get asked:
How do I assemble my new flexible shaft holder?

We have created this short video to introduce our flexible shaft holder which is meant to prevent damage to customers’ carpets, floors etc.

The shaft holder allows you to keep your flexible shaft machine coiled up neatly in your van, so you can store multiple flex shafts of different sizes easily. We also talk about the importance of keeping your flex shaft unwound when using it to unblock drains and descale pipes.

Our shaft holder quickly became a part of many sewer cleaning tradesmen’s standard plumbing equipment along with the flexible shaft machine. It is lightweight and compact, so you can easily take it with you into an elevator, or transport it in a standard vehicle.

Flexible shaft holder is available from:

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Few important things to remember

Shaft lubrication is something that you should always keep in mind. Please be sure to lubricate your flexible shaft before the first use, and then check the lubrication between the flex shaft and the protective sheath every few weeks. Shaft lubrication not only ensures the longevity of your flexible shaft machine, but also makes it more efficient over longer distances. Our preference for lubricant is basic machine oil. You can easily lubricate your flex shaft by pouring lubricant between the shaft and the protective sheath. Here is a video we made on shaft lubrication:

Feel free to choose between a corded or a cordless drill, but make sure not to use the hammer action function on the drill because it can cause damage to the flex shaft and to the protective sheath of your shaft.

With a flexible shaft machine you will be using less than 3% of the water you would need to get the same result with a hydro jetting machine. Imagine the amount of water you will save by using a flexible sewer cleaning shaft.

Important note: We manufacture our own brand of flexible shafts, and by chance our clients started adapting them to their Ridgid K102 or Ridgid K204 sewer cleaning machines. They also informed us that our flexible shafts are a bit more rigid than the Ridgid flexshafts. We do not claim that we have a replacement shaft for a Ridgid Flexshaft.