Junction Liner Course



Junction liners repair broken branches. All too often liners are reinstated with no t-liner installed. This can result in water migrating between the liner and host pipe due to an annular gap caused by shrinkage. In some lining methods the branches are not lined at all – instead there is a gap.

This 2 hour online course consists of 23 lessons  and covers the following topics:
  • Introduction to junction repairs
  • Junction Repair Demo
  • Safety first
  • A quick dive into epoxy
  • Epoxy Resin Variations
  • Calculating Resin
  • Mixing the Epoxy Resin
  • From Tool Assemble to Wetting Out the Junction Liner
  • Compressor & Pressure Gauge
  • Assembling the Packer
  • Lubrication & Bladder Release Agent
  • Securing the Junction Liner
  • Impregnating the Junction Liner
  • Installation Process
  • Sizing the Pipe
  • Lining up the Junction Liner
  • Lining the Wye from the Branch
  • Navigation, with different systems
  • Navigation 2: a word of caution
  • Extracting the tooling
  • Vacuum: Pocket Vac or Control Unit?
  • Comparing Various Systems, Steam Curing and some more…
  • Comparing Different Systems
  • Lining a 90 or 45
  • Abort protocol
  • Steam Curing

The course will also give you access to a No-Dig Community, where like-minded enthusiasts share knowledge and ideas.

If you don’t like the course, you will receive a full refund (30 day guarantee)

This is not our product. We have added it to our website in an effort to benefit our clients. The course is owned and run by the Akoya academy. If you would prefer to purchase directly from them then please feel free to visit their website.

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