Latest Updates Of Customs Information From Different Countries

How much customs fees do I need to pay?

When we ship our products, we send them without taxes because we know that taxes will become due when they arrive in your country. We collect a lot of feedback from our customers all the time to ensure that our courier services treat our customers with as much care and consideration as we do. During this process, we learn about different taxes and customs regulations that vary from country to country. Please bear in mind that this information is accumulated and published on our website as a guide to help you understand taxes better, and we strongly recommend that you confirm which taxes are applicable in your country before placing an order with us.

Customs agencies work with what is called the HS code (Harmonized System Code). This is an international code used by most countries. The HS codes for our products are included with the packages for your convenience to make the customs clearance as smooth and effortless as possible. If you’d like to get an idea of what that fee could be, simply search for HS code 8207.90 on Google.

We encourage you to share your experience and feedback with us regarding taxes so that we can publish and update this blog with the latest and most accurate information.

The majority of our clients are located in the USA. Here is the link to the customs information for the USA:

In some countries, the courier company might charge a fee for presenting your documents to the customs office. It is very rare, but we have seen this in Israel and Serbia so far. Please note that this fee is not included in the delivery costs. We do not cover your taxes or any other fees that may be applicable to conclude your delivery. The delivery fee we charge includes the cost of packaging materials, transportation to the customs department in your country, and transportation from the customs department to the delivery address.

What is a threshold and how to find the threshold for your country?

In most countries, there is a certain amount you are allowed to purchase without having to pay taxes; this is called the threshold. When your purchase exceeds that amount, customs will classify it as over the threshold, and they will calculate the customs fees accordingly.

This can potentially impact the delivery date of your package. If the order falls below the customs threshold specific to that country, the items are released immediately and continue to the final delivery phase. However, if the order amount exceeds the customs threshold, the customs department instructs the courier to submit additional paperwork. In such cases, customs may request identity documentation or other relevant paperwork. It is crucial that you regularly check both your mailbox and spam folder during the delivery process because this is where the courier or customs department will send notifications if necessary. In the event that you fail to respond to the customs notification, we will attempt to contact you by phone. Therefore, please ensure that the phone number you provide is correct and monitored during the day.

**UPDATE – New information, September 22, 2023**
A customer from Minnesota informed us that the threshold in the USA is $800, and this threshold pertains to the price of goods exclusive of shipping costs. Additionally, here is a link we found that provides information on threshold amounts for different countries:…

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you verify the threshold amount with your country’s relevant authorities.