Mini Drain Chains

This mini drain chain is made for cleaning and descaling small diameter pipes. Perfect for grinding up urine scale, calcium buildup and lime scale.

Mini Drain Chain


This mini drain chain is made for cleaning and descaling 40/50mm (1,5 – 2″) pipes. Perfect for grinding up urine scale since it breaks up the scale into smaller chips as opposed to breaking it up in large chunks which block the line further down.

We make mini drain chains in three styles:

X-tip – This is our most aggressive metal tips. We don’t recommend using this style in PVC pipes unless you have extensive experience with these chains.

The Croco tips – These are less aggressive than the X-tip, but the hard metal bits are meant to be used in pipes with a harder surface like iron or brass. More experienced users use this chain in PVC because they do not keep the chain stationary in a pipe. The hard metal bits are perfect for descaling, or rasping away more solidified obstructions.

The plain chain – This is most suitable for PVC since it does not have hard metal tips fused to the cutting edge.

Helpful advice:

While all these chains are meant for smaller diameter pipes, it is important to remember that they will struggle around bends in very small pipes (32mm – 1,3″)

Jumping bends is easy. Manipulate the chain through a bend with a combination of speed and forwards / backwards motion. This takes a bit of practice, but it is like riding a bicycle, so when you get it, you wont “unlearn” it.

Retrieving the chain is easier if you keep the drill spinning when you retrieve the chain. The rotation helps “bounce” the chain through bends, and the rounded back end of the hub allows the tool to slip through the bends on the way out.

These mini drain chains mount to 6mm and 8mm shafts depending on your selection. They are made from stainless steel to prevent oxidization and connect to the flexible shaft with hex screws.

Points to note: 

These products are intended to be used by trained professionals in the sewer cleaning trade. They do not come with instructions. If you would like training please make contact with us, and we will guide you.

Product pictures may vary in color and design depending on the size, styler and diameter that you order.

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