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Our vision is to equip sewer cleaning professionals worldwide with high quality tools at an affordable price, aiming to keep the cost under $500.

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Our Values

The impact of sewer cleaning professionals in society is often overlooked. We believe that they are the unsung heroes who combat disease daily, ensuring that cities remain functional and safe. Without them, pandemics and other health crises would become all too common.

We seek to empower those on the frontlines of sanitation maintenance.

Using expedited delivery, we ensure swift delivery, reaching clients around the world in just a few days.


The benefits of our innovative sewer cleaning tools extend beyond their performance.

They are compact and lightweight, easily transported in elevators, and granting access to previously inaccessible areas. With an impressive reduction of up to 97% in water usage compared to traditional methods, these tools are environmentally friendly, conserving precious water resources and promoting sustainability. Additionally, their low-maintenance design eliminates the need for hazardous fumes, noise, and traffic control that often accompany conventional sewer cleaning techniques. Read more benefits here


Jerome Gray

Meet Jerome, the founder of, who discovered an interesting approach to sewer cleaning that not only addresses environmental concerns but also empowers sewer cleaning professionals worldwide.

Jerome‘s journey began in Cape Town, South Africa, during a severe drought when water usage was restricted. Recognizing the grave implications of a city without a functioning sewer system, he found a solution in using a flexible shaft and drain cleaning chains which was powered by a cordless drill.

This seemingly simple method was a game-changer, and it outperformed conventional equipment in various scenarios.
Within seconds, it could grind up tree roots and remove stubborn limescale buildup from pipes.
Concerned about the global implications of water scarcity in the future, Jerome was determined to make these innovative tools accessible to sewer cleaning businesses worldwide.
To achieve this, he relocated to Europe, specifically Finland, known for its technological prowess. There, collaborating with skilled metal workers, they perfected the design and manufacture of these powerful sewer cleaning tools.

By selling directly from their workshop to the end customers, they eliminated middlemen and provided top-quality tools at the most competitive prices in the market.

Shipping Policy

On average, the packages arrive in the destination country within 2 days, and then the package passes through customs for clearance.

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Got a question? Check out some frequently asked questions by clients with regards to tool usage, as well as general enquiries.

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Tool Tips

For useful tips and information on how to use our tools we have a full range of videos and articles for you to browse.

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