Packer Base Set

This packer base set is used in the pipe relining process. Perfect for trenchless rehabilitation of underground pipes. Used with silicone bladders for epoxy pipe lining.

Packer Base Set


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This lightweight packer assembly is designed with transition in mind. With one chassis, you can make several different diameter packers. Included in the set is a central rod for assembling T or Y shaped bladders to reline junctions.

This will allow you to make patch repairs like any other rubber packer, but with an added advantage. Since the packer assembly is not rigid, it can easily navigate through multiple bends before it reaches the repair zone.

Apart from the obvious price difference, another advantage is that you just need one packer chassis in stock as opposed to getting various packers for each size and diameter pipe.

The chassis will allow you to use a variety of materials for different patch repair applications. You can use rubber, silicone or calibration hose packer with the same device.

Accommodates for both resin and mat materials as well as reinforced fibrous liners.

Each set comes with a T slide fitting so it can be pushed into position with a T slide push rod, and the T slide Turning tool will allow you to twist T or Y shaped bladders into position before inflation.

Made from anodized aluminum.

The central rods are available in 8mm (5/16″) and 10mm (3/8″) diameter.

The bladder attachment ends are available in sizes 30mm (1.3/16″) or 40mm (1.37/64″)

Please see our Youtube channel for more information and a demonstration

The set includes:

  • A coupling attachment to the push rod with a T16 coupling (female)
  • An air hose end
  • A plug end
  • A central rod 1000mm (39″)


30mm (1 3/16″) heads 8mm (5/16″) rod for 1000mm/39″ long bladders
30mm (1 3/16″) heads 10mm (3/8″) rod for 1000mm/39″ long bladders
40mm (1 37/64″) heads 8mm5/16″ rod for 1000mm/39″ long bladders
40mm (1 37/64″) heads 10mm3/8″ rod for 1000mm/39″ long bladders

Points to note:

These products are intended to be used by trained professionals in the sewer cleaning trade. They do not come with instructions. If you would like training please make contact with us, and we will guide you.

Product pictures may vary in color and design depending on the size and diameter that you order.

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