Shaft Protector Set

Shaft Protector Set


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This pack of PEX pipe pieces will protect your flex shaft from individual blows from the hard metal bits on your drain chain knockers.

We provide them as a pack of 5 x 20cm (approx 7.87”) pieces, which you can cut down to size as required.

To install, simply connect one piece of the appropriate size shaft protector between the hubs of your drain cleaning chain knocker.

For a visual description on how to do this, please check out this YouTube video we made:

Available for flexible shafts with the following diameters 6mm (1/4″), 8mm (5/16″),10mm (3/8″), 12mm (1/2″)

Points to note:

Please remember to fasten your hex screws extra tight on the chain to ensure that you do not lose it down the drain you are working in.

These products are intended to be used by trained professionals in the sewer cleaning trade. They do not come with instructions. If you would like training please make contact with us, and we will guide you.

Product pictures may vary in colour and design depending on the size and diameter that you order.

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