The Pipe Patching Course


This online patching Course is a training program aimed to turn drain professionals into legendary pipe repair specialists.
Years of non-destructive pipe repair experience packed into a highly digestible online course.
Most courses are bias to one specific brand, but this course does not promote one specific brand, so you will get exposure to multiple different material and equipment suppliers.
The course consists of 31 lessons spread over 4  hours, and will cover the following topics:
  1. Introduction to Pipe Patching
  2.  Job Safety
  3. Pipe Patch Demo
  4. CIPP Basics
  5. Equipment & materials
  6. Introduction to Fiberglass Materials
  7. Introduction to Resins
  8. Packers
  9. Wrapping the Packer
  10. Securing the Fiberglass
  11. Tools – Compressors
  12. Tools – Pressure Gauges
  13. Tools – Pull Rope
  14. Tools – Push Rods
  15. Resins | Part 2
  16. Resins | Part 3
  17. Impregnating the Fiberglass
  18. Fiberglass | Part 2
  19. Prepping the Pipe
  20. Marking the Rods
  21. Work Environment
  22. Abort protocol 
  23. Patching Through a Toilet Bend
  24. 90 Degree Repair
  25. Patching the Nefarious DN 50
  26. Bridging the Gap
  27. The Final Inspection

The course will also give you access to a No-Dig Community, where like-minded enthusiasts share knowledge and ideas.

If you don’t like the course, you will receive a full refund (30 day guarantee)

This is not our product. We have added it to our website in an effort to benefit our clients. The course is owned and run by the Akoya academy. If you would prefer to purchase directly from them then please feel free to visit their website.

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