The Water-Saving Benefits of Flexible Shaft Sewer Cleaning Compared to Hydro Jetters

Flexible Shaft Set

Traditional methods often involve the use of sewer cleaning machines such as hydro jetters, which utilize high-pressure water to clear blockages and clean pipes. However, a more water-efficient alternative has emerged in the form of flexible shaft sewer cleaning. We will explore the advantages of using a flexible drain cleaning shaft over a hydro jetter and how it can significantly reduce water consumption.

We do not recommend replacing your hydro jetter with a flexible shaft, but a flex shaft is a tool which will complement your jetter and be a great addition to your standard plumbing equipment. On every jetting setup it would be good to have a flex shaft available or at hand. The reason for this is that for example, if you are descaling a pipe and removing tuberculation, limescale, urine scale or struvite from a pipe with a jetting machine, then the jetting nozzles tend to break up the calcification in big chunks. Those big chunks tend to accumulate further down the line and result in a blockage which could flood the apartment or cause other damage. A flexible shaft is also much faster at removing scale than a jetting machine.

1. Understanding the Hydro Jetter

A hydro jetter is a powerful sewer cleaning machine that relies on high-pressure water to remove obstructions and debris from pipes. The machine generates a forceful stream of water that can dislodge and flush out clogs. While hydro jetters are effective, they tend to consume large amounts of water in the process.

2. The Efficiency of Flexible Shaft Sewer Cleaning

Flexible shaft sewer cleaning offers a more water-efficient approach to tackling sewer blockages. By utilizing a flexible drain cleaning shaft, water consumption can be significantly reduced while still achieving effective results. This method involves the use of a flexible shaft and chain/accessory attached to a drill, which rotates the shaft and navigates it through the pipes, effectively clearing obstructions and cleaning the pipe walls.

3. Water Savings with Flexible Shaft Sewer Cleaning

One of the key benefits of using a flexible shaft sewer cleaning method is its remarkable water efficiency. Compared to a hydro jetter, flexible shaft cleaning requires only a fraction of the water. Studies have shown that using a flexible shaft can save up to 97% of the water that would be used by a traditional hydro jetting machine. 

4. The Role of the Flexible Drain Cleaning Shaft

The flexible drain cleaning shaft is the heart of the sewer cleaning process. It’s designed to navigate through the intricate network of pipes, effectively reaching blockages and clearing them without the need for excessive water pressure. The flexible nature of the shaft allows it to adapt to various pipe sizes and shapes, ensuring thorough cleaning while minimizing water usage.

5. Advantages of Flexible Shaft Sewer Cleaning

5.1 Water Conservation: The primary advantage of using a flexible shaft is the significant reduction in water consumption. This is particularly beneficial in areas where water scarcity is a concern, as it allows for effective sewer cleaning without straining water resources. The chances of flooding the apartment while using a flexible shaft are also greatly reduced because there is a minimal amount of water used in the cleaning process.

5.2 Cost-Effectiveness: By minimizing water usage, flexible shaft sewer cleaning can lead to cost savings in water bills. Additionally, the equipment required for this method is generally more affordable compared to complex hydro jetting sewer cleaning machines, making it an economically viable option for sewer cleaning professionals. A jetter requires a lot of maintenance and a pump failure can be quite expensive to repair whereas a flexible shaft is much cheaper to maintain.

5.3 Environmental Impact: The reduced water consumption associated with flexible shaft sewer cleaning contributes to environmental sustainability. By minimizing water waste, this method helps conserve a precious resource and reduces the strain on local water supplies.

5.4 Lightweight and compact: A jetting sewer cleaning machine requires specialized parking in areas with limited vehicle access whereas a flex shaft could be carried in an elevator or just up a ladder since it is very lightweight and compact. At the same time a jetting machine does not allow you to work on a common stack from the top down, since you can not carry it to the roof with you. Furthermore, since no diesel is required to run a flex shaft you can work in a confined space with less emphasis on ventilation.


Flexible shaft sewer cleaning offers a water-efficient alternative to traditional hydro jetters. The use of a flexible drain cleaning shaft, combined with a drill, allows for effective blockage removal and pipe cleaning with minimal water consumption. This method not only provides cost savings and environmental benefits but also ensures the longevity of the sewer system. As water scarcity becomes a growing concern, adopting water-efficient practices like flexible shaft sewer cleaning is crucial for sustainable sewer maintenance and pipe rehabilitation.

Incorporating the flexible drain cleaning shaft into the sewer cleaning process demonstrates a commitment to both efficiency and environmental responsibility. By reducing water consumption and utilizing innovative tools, sewer cleaning professionals can optimize their operations while minimizing their impact on water resources.