Universal Foot Pedal

Keep both hands on your flexible shaft with this simple lightweight foot pedal.

Universal Foot Pedal


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Made to mount either a corded or cordless drill (The drill handle mounts directly onto the foot pedal.)

When you step on the pedal, the drill trigger is engaged against an aluminum pin located on the front of the device.

It is pressure sensitive so you can control the speed of your drill, and it has a spring loaded mechanism which returns your drill speed to the off / neutral position when you remove your foot from the pedal.

Your body weight anchors the pedal and drill to the floor, to prevent your drill from spinning out of control should you snag a solid obstruction and your drill’s slip chuck (Torque limiter) does not engage in time. Or if your torque limiter is set too high.

Points to note:

Patent status is pending, please contact for info.

These products are intended to be used by trained professionals in the sewer cleaning trade. They do not come with instructions. If you would like training please make contact with us, and we will guide you.

Product pictures may vary in color and design depending on the size and diameter that you order.

We have a video we made just briefly introducing this technology here:

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