Using Our Drain Cleaning Chains on an Auger Machine With a T Slide Connector

T Slide Male & Female Connector Pair


When it comes to drain cleaning gear, there’s quite a variety out there: flexible drain cleaning shafts, hydro jetting machines, drain rods, auger cables etc. Now, not everyone is all in on using a flexible shaft machine for their drain cleaning job, and that is perfectly okay. In this blog we will talk about using drain cleaning chain knockers and circular chains with your drain auger cable.

Mixing and matching tools for better performance

So, here’s the deal: Some of those drain augers have a cool feature called the “T Slide Connector T16.” If you want to attach drain chain knockers or circular chains to an auger cable with the T16 connector, the correct way is to get yourself a quick connect leader.

Think of it as a small piece of flexible drain cleaning shaft, but it’s got a quick coupling crimped on it. This nifty setup lets you switch out sewer cleaning chain types without the hassle of detaching and reattaching them directly to the flexible drain cleaning shaft. Pretty handy, right?

Oh, and here’s the best part: You can also use that quick coupling on a flexible shaft if the shaft has the T16 connector crimped on its end.

Here’s how it works – you take your preferred drain chain knocker or circular chain, attach it to the quick connect leader, and then connect this combo to your trusty drain auger cable. Quick note, though: When you’re using this setup, the torque and speed might not be as top-notch as with an actual flexible shaft machine.

Now, let’s talk innovation! Some suppliers have gone above and beyond by blending our circular chains into their jetting nozzles. This fusion of tech gives jetting nozzles the power to descale pipes, which is a pretty nifty upgrade for any jetting machine, wouldn’t you say?

Before you jump into action, though, make sure your auger cable’s got that T16 connection at the end. And always remember, pick a drain chain, knocker/circular chain that matches the quick connect leader’s diameter for a smooth operation.


While the auger cable, quick connect leader and drain cleaning chain combo can get the job done, it’s worth considering your task. If you’re battling roots in pipes, the flexible shaft with drain chain knockers might be your go-to tools for the best performance. On the flip side, when it’s all about descaling pipes (removing tuberculation, limescale, urine scale etc.), circular chains are the real MVPs in the drain cleaning game.

So, whether you prefer the auger cable, quick connect leader and drain cleaning chain setup or you’re sticking with the classic flexible shaft machine with specialized drain cleaning chains, choose your gear based on the task at hand. The world of drain cleaning is all about adaptability, so go with what suits you best!