What are the benefits of the protective sleeve?

Protective sleeve on a flexible drain cleaning shaft


Our flexible shaft is covered with a protective sleeve which offers a wide range of benefits when performing any kind of drain cleaning tasks. 

This protective sleeve is made from a special blend of PEX and provides better flexibility, enhanced safety, protection and compatibility with drain cleaning cameras.

Protective sleeve on a flexible shaft

Protection in extreme conditions

Our protective sleeve is heat and chemical resistant, so it protects the flexible shaft from damage inside the pipe. Without a sleeve, the shaft would get snagged on rough surfaces inside a drain pipe.

Enhanced safety

The sleeve has a secondary function in that it protects the user’s hands. This means you don’t need thick gloves to operate a flexible shaft as you would with a drain cleaning auger. Also, this significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

In the situations where you are forced to clean a drain line through a toilet bowl, the sleeve also protects the porcelain from being damaged while the shaft is spinning.

Improved visibility

Since the sleeve is protecting the shaft, it also gives you the opportunity to use the drain cleaning camera at the same time as you are cleaning, which can be extremely helpful.

Our protective sleeve versus other brands

Our sleeves are slightly thinner than our competitors’. The reason our sleeve is thinner than a sleeve made by Picote or Ridgid is to allow the shaft to have more flexibility. The balance between rigidity and flexibility is extremely important for cleaning with a flexible shaft. That is why we aim to maximize the flexibility to improve effectiveness.

Another thing to bear in mind is that we see the protective sleeve as a consumable item, and we believe that those items should not burden our customers financially. That is the reason why we keep the price of our protective sleeve as low as we do. 

Sleeve friction rings

These little rings make a big difference as they attach to the protective sleeve and act as a barrier between the sleeve and the flexible shaft.

This prevents damage to the end of the sleeve and at the same time prevents dirt from getting into the protective sleeve. Less dirt between the sleeve and the shaft ensures better performance and longevity of both the sleeve and the shaft.

Here is a video we created on how to attach the friction rings to you flexible shaft set:


Our protective sleeve allows you to hold the shaft while it is rotating and reduces the risk of injuries. One of the biggest advantages is that it is heat and chemical resistant.

It is also thin enough to offer sufficient flexibility for optimal results and compatible with devices such as drain cleaning cameras, which give the user a better perspective on the task at hand.

If you would like to learn more about our protective sleeve please make sure to check out the full product description at this link: