Sewer cleaning tradesmen are heroes. They protect civilization from disease. We provide the gear that turns a hero into a superhero.

Our workshop is located in Finland. We have been making these products for many years. Each chain is hand made by an expert artisan who has perfected the techniques of making the perfect gear with many years of experience.

We’re not suggesting that our tools are better than the tools you have. We believe that these tools should compliment the tools that you have. This will not only save you time, but save copious amounts of water too.

If you use a jetting machine:

The first consideration is the maintenance aspect. Apart from lubricating it every few weeks, your flexible shaft does not require much maintenance.

Have you ever tried to descale a pipe with a jetting machine? For example, clearing urine-scale from a 2” pipe.

  • The jetter will break up the scale in large chunks which then block the pipe downstream.
  • A flexible shaft and drain cleaning chains will take a fraction of the time, and obliterate the scale into tiny pieces which flow away easily.
  • Cutting roots with a jetting machine takes longer, even with the bigger diesel machines. The amount of water needed to achieve this task is staggering.
  • A flexible shaft and circular drain cleaning chain will take care of this in less time than it would take to set up a jetter.

Ever tried clearing a vertical stack pipe on the 20th floor with a jetter?

  • Our flexible shaft is tiny, so it will fit in an elevator and can give you access to places you could not reach before.
  • No diesel fumes, so you can work in any environment without the need to ventilate diesel fumes.

Ever tried starting a jetting machine in minus temperatures where the pipes have frozen?

  • A flexible shaft with a drill head will grind up solid blockages effectively, so frozen pipes are not a problem.
  • Save diesel costs – The only service your shaft will need is some lubricant every few weeks.
  • In areas where the noise level needs to be kept to a minimum, these tools are your best option since the sound is limited to the sound of a single drill.
  • There will be no need for you to find parking for your trailer or to hire traffic control. No waiting for the jetter tank to fill up so that you can continue working.

Flexible shaft versus a drain cleaning auger?

Anyone who has used an exposed drain auger cable will probably know how it feels to pinch your hand right through your glove. The flexible shaft is housed in a chemical and heat resistant sleeve which protects the user from coming into contact with the spinning shaft inside. This means that ordinary latex gloves can be worn as protection from bacteria as opposed to protection from a coil.

“Call backs” may occur when the auger has penetrated the blockage but only penetrated an area the size of the auger coil. A flexible shaft and drain cleaning chains clear the full inner circumference of the pipe.
When you leave the site, you know that you have done a good job, and the entire pipe is clear.

Ever tried to use an auger through a toilet pan?

  • With a flexible shaft, you do not need to remove the pan because the protective sleeve is made to protect not only your hands, but whatever it comes into contact with as well.
  • You could even use your drain inspection camera at the same time that you are cleaning your pipe to have a better view of what you are doing.
  • Another benefit of a flexible shaft over an auger is that most of the energy provided to the rooter shaft is stored within the coil. The same torque put into the flexible shaft on the drill end is passed more efficiently through to the chain end, so you need less power to achieve the same result.
  • It is possible to clean a broken pipe with a circular chain since the external diameter of the chain is fixed. This discourages the chain from getting snagged on the fracture in the pipe.

Trenchless Pipe Lining and Pipe Coating Systems

Our new packer allows the user to make patch repairs like any other packer, but it also allows the user to transition from one diameter to another. The benefit of this is in the ability to keep just one packer in stock as opposed to buying multiple packers with different lengths and widths.

The inner packer assembly will allow you to use a variety of materials for different patch repair applications. You can make a rubber, silicone or calibration hose packer with the same device.

The flexible shaft and drain chains are also perfect for the removal of failed liners. This can be done in a fraction of the time it would take to use a chemical softener.

Our chains allow you to prepare the inner surface of your pipework for perfect adhesion of your liner to the pipe wall, they will also prepare your pipes for pipe coating systems ranging from 32mm (1.3”) up to 200mm (8”).

Need Guidance?

If you need advice, or if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, telephone or one of our social media platforms.

We are always happy to assist and are always eager to talk about these tools and the benefits they bring.