Can I use my flexible shaft inside the shaft carrier?

Shaft carrier is used for storing and carrying flexible drain cleaning shafts


Our shaft carrier quickly became a part of many sewer cleaning tradesmen’s standard plumbing equipment. It is designed to store and carry your flexible drain cleaning shaft. The carrier is lightweight and compact, so you can easily take it with you into an elevator, or transport it in a standard vehicle.

Should I take the shaft outside of the shaft carrier while operating it?

We always advise our clients to unravel as much of the shaft as possible while operating it.

You can use the flexible shaft while it is in the carrier, but its performance will be significantly inhibited. The reason is that the tighter a shaft is wound in a coil, the more it will rub against the protective sleeve and instead of producing the same amount of speed and torque on the tool end, that energy will be wasted on excess heat buildup on the sleeve.

The 6mm (¼”) and 8mm (5/16”) flexible shafts can be used inside the carrier if absolutely necessary, but not for long periods of time, and keep in mind that you will put unnecessary strain on your drill. 

Unraveling the flexible shaft

The best way to determine the appropriate coil diameter is to firstly put down a ground sheet to protect the surface that you are working on and then remove the flexible shaft from the carrier. The shaft will naturally make a coil of the size that is most appropriate for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Will shafts of any size fit in the shaft carrier?

The shaft holder will carry a maximum of 30 meters (98ft) of the 6mm (¼”) and 8mm (5/16”) shafts. It will hold 20 meters (65ft) of the 10mm (⅜”) shaft and 15 meters (49ft) of the 12mm (½”) shaft.

How to assemble the shaft carrier?

Be cautious when putting the flexible shaft in and out of the shaft carrier. If you twist the protective sleeve when replacing the shaft in the carrier, then you run the risk of damaging the sleeve. This won’t affect the performance much, but it is a weak spot where friction is most likely to build up over time. 

Here is a video we created on how to easily assemble the shaft carrier:

How to assemble your flexible shaft holder


We do not recommend using your flexible shaft inside the shaft carrier. If you decide to operate your shaft while it is coiled up in the carrier, please note that the shaft’s performance will be significantly inhibited, and you will put unnecessary strain on your drill.

Another important consideration is that not all shaft sizes are compatible with the carrier. Please make sure to check your flexible shaft’s dimensions before placing an order.

Lastly, you can learn more about the shaft carrier by reading its product description at this link: